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Illinois State Wildlife Service is a fully licensed and insured wildlife management company with over 30 years of animal control and wildlife management experience servicing the Central Illinois area. Illinois State Wildlife Service responds to hundreds of nuisance wildlife complaints each year. We proudly serve both residential, commercial, and small businesses. Including municipalities, HOA/Homeowner associations, golf courses, private hunting properties, agricultural, equine facilities, realtors, property management companies, and insurance companies. For our equine and livestock customers, we have specific wildlife removal and management programs to protect your animals from EPM and other related issues.

Specific Services Include: Nuisance wildlife removal, animal trapping, wildlife control, and short-term and long-term wildlife management programs. Likewise, we are certified in disease control and can assist with issues and questions regarding Rabies, Histoplasmosis, Hantavirus, Sarcoptic Mange, Toxoplasmosis, Tularemia, salmonella, ticks, lice, fleas and others.

Exclusion and Restoration: Exclusion is simply defined as to stop, prevent and/or “Exclude” animals, rodents, or other wildlife from entry of reoccurrence. Illinois State Wildlife Service will repair areas of your home that show signs of wildlife entry and secure your home and property to stop, prevent and/or exclude animals, rodents, or other wildlife from re-entering your home. The professionally trained exclusion specialists at Illinois State Wildlife Service will properly perform all of the necessary exclusions, and structural repairs associated with the wildlife damages.

Below you will find extended details regarding Illinois State Wildlife Service products, programs, and services. If you have any questions pertaining to any of the listed services, please contact us by phone or email.

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Humane  Wildlife Capture and Removal

One of the most popular and most effective methods of resolving nuisance wildlife issues is by
Trapping them. Although a large majority of our management services requires live trapping, we do
utilize other devices, equipment, options and procedures to eliminate nuisance wildlife issues in your home or business.
There are several factors that will determine the best and most humane method of resolving the conflict. Illinois State
Wildlife Services strongly practices BMP, known as “Best Management Practices”. The primary goal at Illinois State Wildlife Service is to use the best, quickest and most humane methods of wildlife removal and animal control to protect your family, children, pets and property from the threat, dangers, and disease associated to nuisance wildlife.

For additional information and a consultation contact us at 309-409-6245 or via email:

Coyote, Fox, or Other Canine 
Management Programs

With the combination of population growth, loss of green space, and changing laws and regulations, coyote populations have increased and expanded through the United States, specifically here in Illinois. Illinois State Wildlife Service recognizes the coyote population growth, and the challenges asssociated for the people, pets, and municipalities who need to be protected from a potential attack. The fully trained staff of professionals at Illinois State Wildlife Service can assist you with accurate education and solution to help prevent conflict. Although coyotes do not pose a great threat regarding damage to structure, they do pose a very real threat through their aggressive behavior. If they are still nursing or have contracted a disease they will be unpredictable. Coyotes carry a wide range of disease, with the most concerning ones being rabies and distemper. Coyotes also are very susceptible to socorotic mange.

Coyotes should be avoided at all costs. If you have any questions or concerns regarding coyotes please contact us for additional education and information. We can discuss your coyote, fox, or other canine control options and management programs to help keep you safe and resolve the conflict. Contact us at 309-409-6245 or via email:

Deer Management Programs

Deer populations in and around our urban areas, like neighborhoods, city parks, and other recreational areas, can cause a great deal of damage, to lawns, gardens, trees, and shrubbery. With specific deer management laws and regulations that may restrict certain options and procedures for deer control, specifically trapping and/or eradication. Illinois State Wildlife Service does have deer management programs and options for you that can legally and safely assist you with deer damage control. We begin with educating our clients with the deer prevention process. With the experience and assistance of Illinois State Wildlife Service, we can help to protect your home and preserve your lawns, gardens, trees, and shrubbery from the damages and defisation of deer. The white-tail deer is a beautiful animal and Illinois State Wildlife Service programs do not in any way hurt, harm, or harass the deer. For more information on our deer prevention and our deer management services and programs contact us at 309-409-6245 or via email:

Rodent Control 
Management Programs

Rodents cover a wide range of "critters" that include: mice, rats, moles, voles, shrews, chipmunks, squirrels, and more. Rodents will account for millions of dollars of damages each year in the United States. It is also estimated that 20-25 percent of all fires with a "CAUSE UNKNOWN" may be due to rodents gnawing on wires, gas lines, etc. A few centuries ago the 'Black Plaque', carried by rats, caused the deaths of approximately 25 million people. This disease spread from the rats to humans by fleas carried by the rats. As with all animals, disease and the destruction they cause, must be controlled and monitored. Illinois State Wildlife Service specializes in rodent control, exclusion, and management. The Illinois State Wildlife Service response to all rodent issues is to first determine the cause of the rodent problem, then create a rodent eradication program, followed by rodent prevention and exclusion, and finally to create a long-term rodent maintenance program. If you are experiencing any type of rodent problem or issues contact us at 309-409-6245 or via email:

Bat Exclusion Management Programs


There are many myths and misunderstandings surrounding bats. One myth is that bats are rodents; this is false. Bats are actually small flying mammals and have one to two young per year, referred to as pups. Another myth is that bats eat mosquitoes. Although this is true, all bats located in Illinois their diet includs a variety of insects, not limited to only mosquitoes. Here in Illinois, there are 13 species of bats, however, the most common bat species that Illinois Wildlife Service will encounter are: the big brown bat, little brown bat, eastern red bat, and the silver-haired bat. Bats are protected and may not be shot, trapped, held confined, or transported. If you encounter a bat in your home, notify Illinois Wildlife Service at 309-409-6245 or via email: or your local animal control professional for assistance. 


It is very important that all contact with bats should be avoided. Illinois State Wildlife Service handles over 100 nuisance bat complaints per year. Our wildlife specialists and staff are professionally trained to help assist you and handle all bat management and control situations. If you have a bat in your home, first try to confine it to the room that it is in and contact us at 309-409-6245 or via email: DO NOT handle the bat with your bare hands. Another option is to confine the bat to a room or section of your home then open a door or window to the outside so the bat can fly out on its own.

If you have had a bat in your home, you will need to make sure they do not continue to do so. Contact Illinois State Wildlife Service 
at 309-409-6245 or via email: for an inspection and evaluation.


Illinois State Wildlife Service performs professional bat exclusions and restorations for both residential and commercial customers. Illinois State Wildlife Service will exclude all of the bats from your home  or business and evaluate to keep the bats from re-entering your home. The first step in bat removal is to install excludes, also referred to as one-way tubes or bat cones. Once all of the bats have been removed, the rest of the exclusion process can be conducted. If bats were in your attic space, Illinois State Wildlife Service will provide you with an estimate to remove any and all soiled insulation, deodorize, and sanitize the attic space, including replacement with new insulation. Our inspector will present you with all of our services and options.


Please note: Bats do carry rabies, a life-threatening viral disease. They can also spread histoplasmosis through airborne spores found in their guano (bat droppings). Additional bat concerns are: fleas, lice, mites, and bat bugs. Some of which can be transmitted to humans. 

For additional information and concerns regarding bats, exclusion, and disease control, contact us at 309-409-6245 or via email: 

Bird Exclusion
And Management Programs

Did you know that the United States is home to over 1,100 different species of birds? Illinois has approximately 400 species, some that are resident birds and other that migrate through. 

The majority of Illinois birds are protected by various laws and regulations. At Illinois State Wildlife Service, we can help with a wide range of bird management and exclusion needs. Birds classified under the nuisance wildlife code include: the european starling, house sparrow, and pigeon. Additional birds that Illinois State Wildlife Service can assist with are woodpeckers, geese, barn swallows, and many more; however, these secondary birds listed require special handling, procedures, and permits. For more information regarding education, law, regulations, and protocol for handling these bird species, contact us at 309-409-6245 or via email: 

Humae Wildlife Capture and Removal
Coyote-Fox-Canine Managemnt Programs
Deer Management Programs
Rodent Contro Management Programs
Bat Exclusion Management Programs
Bird Exclution And Managemnt Programs
Pond management Programs
Pond Management Programs

At Illinois State Wildlife Service, we are often asked, "what type of pond management do you provide?" Illinois State Wildlife Service pond management programs are all directly associated to wildlife management and control. Illinois State Wildlife Service does not offer any type of vegitation or weed control programs for pond management. Illinois State Wildlife Service will assist our clients with pond management and control programs for beaver, muskrats, mink, otters, and raccoons. We will inspect and anylize your lake or pond to determine immediate threats and options, including carrying capacities, disease, and population control.

Likewise, Illinois State Wildlife Service land and pond management programs can assist you with goose control, turtles (primarily snapping turtles), snakes, and fish. If you need an assessment of your pond or lake in relation to wildlife management and control, contact us at 309-409-6245 or via email: for more information on specific services and programs. 

Exclusion and Restoration
Wildlife Damage and Prevention
Exclusion and Restoration Wildlife Damage and Prevention

Conducting wildlife exclusions, home repairs, and restorations associated with wildlife damage is a huge part of what we do at Illinois State Wildlife Service. Once wildlife or an animal has been removed or excluded from your property, home, or structure, the proper repairs and prevention procedures will need to be completed. Illinois State Wildlife Service utilizes specially designed products and materials to perform the necessary repairs to unsure the prevention of additional wildlife or animals from gaining access back into the previously damaged areas of your home or business.

The exclusion specialists at Illinois State Wildlife Service have over 25 years of wildlife and animal control, management, and exclusion experience and can accommodate all of the exclusion procedures that are necessary after wildlife or animal removal. Illinois State Wildlife Service also has our own machine shop to custom manufacturer and fabricate wildlife prevention products and barrier systems that will allow for personalized security needs for your home or business. 

Our programs and services specialize in residential and commercial pest and wildlife control for rodents such as: mice, rats, moles, voles, shrews, chipmunks, etc. Illinois State Wildlife Service offers annual wildlife and animal control programs for long-term specialized protection. Additonal programs are available for bats and all other animals like coyotes, deer, pond management, and more.

Additional structural repairs and restorations include: attic cleanouts and restorations, soffits, roof caps, underground barrier systems, etc.

For more information regarding services, programs, and pricing, contact us at 309-409-6245 or via email: The office at Illinois State Wildlife Service will set up an appointment for one of our experienced inspectors to conduct a thorough inspection and evaluation of your home and property. 

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Illinois state wildlife service responds to over one hundred calls each year. We cover All That’s Wildlife. This means we respond to Raccoon Trapping in Central Illinois, raccoon trapping in Peoria Illinois Raccoon removal in Dunlap Illinois and baby raccoons in Farmington. Raccoons are a big problem in Morton Illinois and raccoon trapping in Morton Illinois. Morton Illinois raccoon removal in Pekin Illinois has been very busy. So far no RABIES found in raccoons. We get very busy in Peoria County Animal control of raccoon removal, raccoon rescue and trapping. Other counties we remove raccoons in are Tazewell County. We help assist Tazewell County Animal with raccoon rescues and raccoon trapping.  Bartonville raccoon trapping has been on the rise. We help with Bartonville animal removal and Chillicothe IL has some real issues regarding raccoon removal, raccoon trapping and raccoon rescue’s. For our company, Chillicothe raccoon removal and Chillicothe raccoon trapping is on the rise. Skunk removal and Skunk Trapping in Peoria County and Skunk removal in Peoria IL has been very productive. Skunk trapping and Skunk Removal in Mason County is on the rise. Delavan IL skunk removal and Delavan Skunk trapping. Beaver Trapping Mason County available, Beaver Removal Tazewell county is big and growing. 

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